On the Impending Deportation of Migrants: An Epistle to Pope Francis

Supreme Pontiff, afore delving into my subject, I owe you some acknowledgment and acclamation on the break of the contempo allotment of the First Gambian Catholic Bishop aback the alpha of my brethen’s accord with the Angelic See. The new Bishop happens to be a brother who was abundant my chief at Saint Peter’s Technical Top School and I accept captivated him in top absorption both afore and afterwards his advantage on the top rungs of the clergy. I barrage you Papa for your Top Office’s aplomb in our people, that we can aswell handle our own communications with the Divine Being.

Thou Supreme Pontiff of the Universal Church, my affair this time relates to the approaching accumulation displacement of my adolescent African brothers and sisters from the footsteps of your own basilica and beyond; all advancing from the doorsteps of your army and their ancestors in claret and beef (if not in spirit). Absolutely the deportations are advancing from boilerplate but your neighbourhood, the declared brood of the crimson of the Prince of Adulation and Compassion, Jesus Christ ( May Allah access His Grace on him).

Why is it that Europe (and by extension, its bygone vassal, America) is accessible to forward aback the poor and abject into the actual crucibles of abjection and denial that they ran from? Why is it that the West who baited us with the angelic commemoration into colonial ascendancy would balk the commandments of the Lord “to be your brother’s keeper” and bung our already tempest-tossed souls aback into the accessories of battle and poverty?

The West generally argues that their own bread-and-butter altitude are beneath than favourable so they cannot board these migrants but yet there pets accept bigger habitations and medical affliction than those they are aggravating to abandon aback home. Is it not the aforementioned West that shaped our industries and trading systems into the abjection accessories that they accept acquired into through colonial ascendancy and the neo-colonial bunch apparel that they created? Are these biased all-around systems still not captivation our abstemious and her humans sway?

Oh Affectionate Servant of the Servants of God, let me clarify, lest I become misunderstood, that I accept no basic to aces with your ministry. Indeed I am beholden to accept had a first-world apprenticeship in a third apple ambience at the Catholic academy alleged St. Peter’s Top School. I accept apparent and relished the acceptable plan of your agents in my neighbourhood and I am absolutely beholden for all the casework rendered. But I do apperceive that you accept a articulation and a huge responsibility, not alone to your army but to altruism in accepted and my hopes in you rose to addition top if I saw you ablution the anxiety of migrants and embrace the downtrodden.

So I abode to you to accomplish addition cruise to America, and this time not to New York but to Washington DC; appointment the mad man alleged The Donald, who lives in the alleged White House congenital by the claret and diaphoresis of the ancestors of the actual humans he is deporting en masse afterwards years of harder work, transaction of taxes and acceptable behaviour.

Please do not abode to his faculty of allegiance for The Donald is not fabricated of beef and cartilage but rather of animate and mortar. The alone accent this debauchee can accept is the accent of acceptable and accident at the polls. Please acquaint him to abate his animate affection appear immigrants or you and your added brothers shall acquaint his bourgeois abject to abhorrence The Lord and vote him out.

As for your army aback home in Brussels, I appetite you to adumbrate to them like the adventurous one, Amos, did in times gone. Allege to them, Oh Primate of Italy,, about the acrimony of The Mighty Lord if they don’t change their means appear the poor travelers. For all the gold and adored stones Europe looted from Africa, admonish them to beam the admonition of getting affectionate to the poor and vulnerable; if their accustomed hearts would not crop to bendable words, afresh abode them thus, as did Amos, in the Old Testament:

“Therefore because you bruise on the poor and yield from them levies of grain, you accept congenital houses of hewn stone, but you shall not reside in them; you accept buried affable vineyards, but you shall not alcohol their wine.” (Amos, 5:11).

Remind Europe, thou Bishop of Rome, that their duties to the Acceptable Lord transcend ritual prayers in churches and pilgrimages to the Vatican; for the words of Hosea ring accurate to date:

“For I admiration abiding adulation and not cede

The ability of God rather than burnt offerings” ( Hosea, 6:6)

Supreme Pontiff, I am animated to accept your angelic absorption already again, and I calculation on your acceptable affection and accommodating attributes to allege for my brothers and sisters beneath the Euro-American swords of Damocles.

With apprehensive obeisance, I submit.

M. Sabally